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the fanfiction revolution

Hey everyone, in case you weren't aware, last night pocky_slash and I started the Fanfiction Revolution. The wave of the future is Real Person/Fictional character slash. Anyway, this morning I was looking at our list of new OTPs and giggling at how hysterical they were, and thinking how funny it would be to write some of them for real. Well, you know, for ironic real.

Maybe if other people were interested we could set up some sort of randomizer and you would get a Real Person and a Fictional Person and have to figure out how to integrate them and write bizarre, hilarious, out-of-character slash? Obviously they wouldn't have to be long or anything... just ridiculous.

Sample pairings we invented: Luke Skywalker/Sebastian Arcelus, Taye Diggs/House, Mimi/Benjamin Harrison, Angelina Jolie/Pink Fuzzy Bra Girl. (These are all Rent-related because it started off in the rentsecrets comments, but we could expland the Fanfiction Revolution to other fandoms.)

Angelina: Oh, Fuzzy Pink Bra Girl--
FPBG: I have a name, you know.
Angelina: *unties fuzzy pink bra* I don't care.

Luke Skywalker: The force is strong with you, Sebastian.
Sebastian: I- I always kind of suspected.
Luke: It must have been hard for you to be the only Jedi on the planet Earth.
Sebastian: Yes.. but now that you're here... *unties Luke's Jedi robe*

Matt: Dumbledore, I'm so glad you faked your death so that we could be together always!
Dumbledore: My love for you, Matt Caplan, is all that kept me sane while running Hogwarts. I long to take you to Europe, just like in that song you wrote.
Matt: ::unties Dumbledore's wizard robes::

Mimi: Oh former president Benjamin Harrison, thanks to you I don't have to live in darkness anymore, with only that stupid candle. How can I repay you for letting me bask in the electricity of your White House?
Benjamin Harrison: Your love is enough for me, Mimi. ::unties--:: What the hell? How do you get these blue pants off? What are they even made of? This is like no fabric I've ever seen! It must be magic! Or witchcraft!

So, you know, if you'd be interested leave a comment, and if you have any suggestions or anything... you know... also leave a comment. I sincerely hope that you can all embrace the potential hiliarity the Fanfiction Revolution has to offer.
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