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remember how this community exists?!

It totally exists. Anyway. WTF new fic?

Fandom: X-Men (movieverse)
Pairing: Storm/Wolverine (vaguely)
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for 1sentence (which is misleading: it's 50 sentences!) and xposted there. And it's post-X3, so spoilers for that, if you haven't seen it?

#01 – Air: Even the air feels different now, somehow heavier with absence and colder than Westchester.

#02 – Apples: And yet life continues without Scott and Jean and Charles; summer turns to fall and one day Logan brings her apples from the farmer’s market, knowing how she misses her gardens and orchard.

#03 – Beginning: The school year is beginning; the old mansion sold, the new school more practical but less home.

#04 – Bugs: There are still some bugs to be worked out in their new quarters, and it doesn’t help anything when Logan destroys the half-finished Danger Room.

#05 – Coffee: But she forgives him when he helps rebuild it, and anyway he brings her tea in the morning, having finally learned that she doesn’t drink coffee.

#06 – Dark: Jubilee accidentally blows a fuse, and Ororo, flashlight in her teeth, thinks that Scott would have made this a teachable moment.

#07 – Despair: Logan’s not there to hold the light, but she’s long stopped despairing when he leaves; she knows he’ll come back after a day, a week, a month.

#08 – Doors: What really hurts her is watching the students watching the doors, waiting for Logan— or for someone who won’t return.

#09 – Drink: When he does return, he’s usually reeking of smoke, occasionally stained with blood, but at least he’s never been drunk.

#10 – Duty: She isn’t sure if he comes back out of a duty to Charles, a duty to the kids, or a duty to her; but still, he comes.

#11 – Earth: The school is less public than before, but still new students come from all over the Earth.

#12 – End: Looking around these days, she finds it hard to believe that the school almost closed.

#13 – Fall: Fall comes around again, and Logan still brings apples; it’ll still be years before her new trees bear fruit.

#14 – Fire: Some of the new students want to burn the leaf file; Bobby and Rogue (repowered, returned) watch TV instead.

#15 – Flexible: She understands that students are always less prepared for classes mornings after the Brotherhood have been on the news.

#16 – Flying: She knows it’s irresponsible of her to take to the sky, but some days she can’t resist (and anyway, no one could ever see her through the fog).

#17 – Food: Logan still makes fun of her cooking, but these days he eats homemade hummus (sometimes).

#18 – Foot: Digging her way through the foot of paperwork needed to recertify the school, she wonders how Charles did it all.

#19 – Grave: Thinking of Charles, she knows it’s silly to mourn a grave with no body, but she’d still like to put flowers on it.

#20 – Green: Instead, she mentally dedicates her new greenhouse to Charles, to Jean, to Scott, to all that was lost.

#21 – Head: Hank comes back for Christmas; she asks when he’ll be back for good, and he just shakes his head.

#22 – Hollow: “Defeating the Mutant Registration Act was really just a hollow victory, when mutant teens are more likely to be abused, homeless, or drug users,” he says.

#23 – Honor: “We all have to honor Charles’ dream in our own way,” she replies, steady as a river, solid as a mountain.

#24 – Hope: “I hope you’ll remember to clean out the shower, fuzzball,” is all Logan says when he sees Hank and Ororo sitting side by side on the couch.

#25 – Light: Hank and Bobby take it upon themselves to keep the mood light, and Ororo isn’t sure how to show her appreciation.

#26 – Lost: “These kids would be lost without you, you know,” Logan tells her, after all the gifts have been opened and they’re alone.

#27 – Metal: “Maybe not,” she says, thinking of the last time she saw Pyro.

#28 – New: Soon after the holidays, Hank calls to say he thinks Magneto’s up to something new.

#29 – Old: Ororo wonders when she got this old; Logan wishes he could take Magneto in a fair fight.

#30 – Peace: But maybe Hank was wrong, Ororo hopes; everything has been peaceful for weeks.

#31 – Poison: Graydon Creed was found poisoned—not Magneto’s style.

#32 – Pretty: Hank makes a pretty speech on TV, but the students are still afraid.

#33 – Rain: It rains for a week after the Friends of Humanity bomb a homeless shelter that, it was revealed, mostly housed mutants.

#34 – Regret: Logan says he wouldn’t regret killing Creed himself, but Ororo doesn’t want the students to get any ideas.

#35 – Roses: She sends roses to the memorial service, and more students trickle into the school.

#36 – Secret: Secretly she’s not surprised when their newest student quickly defects to the Brotherhood, but Rogue couldn’t believe Remy would do such a thing.

#37 – Snakes: Logan just shrugs and says he knew that kid was a snake in the grass.

#38 – Snow: Bobby tries to cheer Rogue up with an out of season snowball fight, but she just makes a snide remark about Kitty and goes back to studying.

#39 – Solid: Rogue’s SAT scores are solid, and she considers college before deciding she’s needed at the school.

#40 – Spring: “Nice day,” Logan says, as they steal a moment in the garden.

#41 – Stable: Things have been relatively stable for quite some time; Logan hasn’t left for months.

#42 – Strange: As if he were reading her thoughts, Logan said “It’s strange, but I think this is the longest I’ve ever been in one place.”

#43 – Summer: Spring turns to summer, and Hank calls one day: “Are the kids safe?”

#44 – Taboo: Until now, talking about Magneto had been taboo, like saying “Macbeth” in a theatre.

#45 – Ugly: Hank says, “It appears that Magneto has rebuilt his army and constructed a base in orbit around Earth… things could get ugly.”

#46 – War: “Jesus,” says Logan, “This doesn’t sound like war, it sounds like a James Bond movie.”

#47 – Water: Ororo, steady as a river, strong as the wind, says, “Well, what does he want?”

#48 – Welcome: “Welcome to the X-Men,” she tells the students, and grimly leads them into battle, into adulthood.

#49 – Winter: Victory is hardwon, and winter seems colder without Bobby.

#50 – Wood: And still, Ororo is steady as a river, constant as the seasons, and Logan helps her trim the Christmas tree, and she calmly holds her battered family together.
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