Hannah Hypnotic (artemis_eld) wrote in collectivewords,
Hannah Hypnotic


LISTEN UP! I've created a community called badass_rp.

This is a roleplaying community wherin only badass characters from any fandom may enter and play. How do you know if your character is a badass? Well.

1. He/she is amazing at fighting.
2. He/she likes fighting.
3. He/she is amazing at fighting and likes it, but chooses to banter their opponent into oblivion instead.
4. He/she has some sort of magical/mutant/whatever power, and enjoys using it. (No angsting over power allowed, folks. At the same time, no godmoding. Yeah, have fun with that one.)

This particular RP will be set in a bar. What could be more badass than a bar? Maybe a Guttermouth concert...but I digress. Anyway. Request to join the community, then send in a sample post to me at serialexperiments6@yahoo.com for approval. After that, the sky is the limit! In a bar.
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